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Elayne Blythe
Elayne Blythe
Founder (1-22-1919 to 1-20-2005)

Born in Ashland, Ohio, Elayne Blythe began her multi-faceted career as a professional singer, performing on numerous cruises and in Europe, where she sang for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Ms. Blythe was featured on radio and television in New York City, where she performed in leading hotels, including the Waldorf-Astoria. In Los Angeles, Ms. Blythe was the featured singer for the opening of the Beverly Hilton Hotel. She recorded the theme song, “One World Under God” for the National Conference of Christians And Jews.

Also a character actress, Ms. Blythe appeared with John Forsythe in, “To Rome With Love”, with Henry Fonda on, “The Family Show”, and on “The Bob Newhart Special” with Newhart and Jean Simmons. In 1977, Ms. Blythe created and hosted a Hollywood & Vine celebrity radio show.

As a publicist and head of the highly-regarded, Elayne Blythe & Associates, she promoted numerous family-oriented films, including the Franco Zeffirelli-helmed, “Brother Sun, Sister Moon”, “Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang”, and “The Ra Expedition” with Thor Heyerdahl and Dimitri Tiomkin. In recent years, Ms. Blythe’s work in public relations has involved children’s causes, from foster care to underprivileged families. In 1993, she brought a group of Ambassadors from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles for an embassy dinner benefiting the children of South Central Los Angeles and, in 1998, Ms. Blythe put a client of hers, a successful children’s audio company, and actress Victoria Rowell together on a classical music CD to benefit Rowell’s foster children cause.

As president of Film Advisory Board, Ms. Blythe is a pioneer in the promotion of better quality entertainment for children and families, presenting the FAB’s coveted “Award of Excellence” year-round to products that meet the board’s criteria, and to celebrities who have made outstanding contributions to the industry. Blythe has arranged award events and presentations for; Princess Grace (the FAB “Award of Excellence” hangs in the Palace in Monaco), Bette Davis (who wrote about FAB in her book, “This ‘N’ That”), Liza Minnelli, Yul Brynner, Bob Hope, Jack Lemmon, media mogul, Ted Turner, and many, many others. She also implemented the use of content descriptions to better-explain film ratings, with her FAB Rating System, created in 1988 as an alternative system to the commonly-known MPAA Ratings. (FAB Rating System was made an “official” rating system along with the MPAA by the passing of Senate Bill #184, W. Virginia.) The MPAA has since succumbed to political and public pressure and has adopted the use of contents where it had once refused to do so – a fate Ms. Blythe had foreseen. The original content descriptions she implemented, L=Language, V=Violence, S=Sex, N=Nudity, appear in Film Advisory Board’s ‘Articles of Incorporation’ – 1974.

Ms. Blythe’s work in entertainment has received numerous awards from the Los Angeles City Council, mayors and governors, and will continue to be associated with the success excellence always confers.