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Bugtime Adventures: Blessing in Disguise (2005)

Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers and then spent years in jail for a crime he did commit. Through it all he kept his faith and eventually found himself in position of authority in Egypt. Joseph now holds power over his brothers and is faced with the choice of forgiveness or revenge! Meanwhile, at the feet of the giants in the tiny bug-town of Bugglesville, Roderick the cockroach embarrasses Antoni the ant at the bug's annual picnic. Using one of his new inventions, Antoni seeks his revenge by setting up a slimy surprise attack that doesn't quite unfold as he had planned. Your child will enjoy these entertaining stories and along the way will learn about the value of forgiveness. ""Blessing in Disguise"" is the first episode in the new animated series Bugtime Adventures where you'll experience your favorite Sunday-school stories through the eyes of America's newest bug friends!
Lightning Bug Flix
40 minutes


"The biblical story of Joseph is intertwined with a similar story of envy, revenge and forgiveness in a bug world. Imaginative and well crafted. children will gain moral inspiration from this outstanding entertaining story."

Janet Stokes
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