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Chefs A' Field: Kids on the Farm (2006)

The PBS Television series Chefs A' Field: Kids On The Farm, has just released 12 exciting episodes to DVD. The much anticipated third season of the award-winning and critically acclaimed series offers a new batch of culinary adventures for all ages as America's best chefs - and their kids - venture out to farms, fishing boats and ranches for a look at where great food comes from. Together, the chefs and their children go in search of fresh ingredients for unique local specialties, interacting with farmers, fishermen, foragers and ranchers, in volume 3 of Chefs A' Field: Kids on the Farm. From shrimping in a Louisiana bayou to sampling heirloom tomatoes in Taos to cheese-making in the rolling hills of southern Wisconsin, the chefs and their children explore the many faces and places of America's diverse food landscape. Exclusive glimpses into some of America?s finest restaurants are combined with family-friendly cooking lessons as chef and children return to the kitchen to create wonderful dishes ranging from "Starburst Squash & Baby Tomatoes with Roasted Chesapeake Rockfish" to "Miniature Strawberry Tart Surprises" and "Scallop Lollipops with Green Apple Salad." The series showcases regional cuisine as well as the current issues of sustainable agriculture and fisheries. As the chefs and their kids interact with local farmers and fishermen, viewers see how environmental practices make a difference in how foods taste and holds its nutritional value. In its first two seasons many described the series as "food TV with a conscience" and The Chicago Tribune wrote, "Chefs A' Field looks scrumptious and comes at an opportune time, just as sustainable agriculture breaks through to the forefront...we were most impressed with the subject matter, skillful camera work and leisurely pace that celebrates its subjects without getting preachy."
Warner Hanson TV


"This wonderful series touches on the very heart of the relationship between master chefs their food sources. Kids sharing in the adventures add distinction to the culinary experiences is very entertaining and fun to watch."

Janet Stokes
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